Vaultz Pencil Pouch Won't Open? Here's the Solution!

Vaultz Pencil Pouch Won’t Open? Here’s the Solution!

We’ve all been in that situation before. You’re trying to get into your pencil pouch and it won’t open. Your fingers are feeling around for a button, a zipper, anything that will let you gain access to the inside of your pencil pouch but there’s nothing! This blog post is going to talk about why this happens and how best to fix it!

Here’s some a solution from Fixya

Wyldchild 4245 wrote that you’ll need a bright flashlight or headlight and a flathead screwdriver. ( Click the tutorial for the full how-to unlock your Vaultz Pencil Pouch that won’t open )

Here is a video on how to unlock your Vaultz Pencil Pouch

Want to reset your Vaultz Pencil Pouch that won’t open? Hey we all have our reasons and forgetting that darn code is really frustrating.

How to Reset Vaultz Lock Box Forgot Combination

Vaultz lock box reset can be done in the following way:

  • Set your Vaultz lockbox to 000.
  • Turn your Vaultz lockbox shackle at a 90-degree angle from the lock position.
  • Push the lockbox’s shackle down and try to do that outside of the lock.
  • Set your new Vaultz lockbox code.
  • Pull the Vaultz lockbox shackle up.
  • Turn the shackle back to the lock position.

There’s a technique for remembering the code if you’ve forgotten it. To decrypt and track it, hold the lock with the latch on top and the dial facing you.

The latch must be pushed in for the dial to rotate somewhat; nevertheless, not so much as to allow it to spin entirely.

The master key may be used to reset the lock, but you’ll need the serial number for that so If you want to get one, contact the manufacturer.

The Vaultz Company has a default lock of triple 0.

It’s possible that your usual combination isn’t working due to the digits being mixed up. To prevent this from happening, the firm recommends and uses the default triple zero code, which is a factory reset password.

Once the combination lock has been changed and upgraded from triple zero to the new number, only the individual in charge of establishing the new number can access it.

Without the proper code, you can open the box by using any other method.

Tools, such as a screwdriver or a flat head, can be used to apply tension to the lock by malformed it between the lock and the box ( or follow Wyldchild 4245’s tutorial)

Safe boxes are now essential in every home. Digital technology has advanced, allowing you to safeguard your hard copies of documents and important certificates like passports, ID cards, and driving licenses as well as legal papers.

You can change the combination code by first removing the plastic tab. After the latch has been unlocked, insert the square button into the proper position and slide it in that direction.

You may then choose a three-digit personalized combination code by pressing the button.

You can also use a luggage lock without the rest button. To be effective, you must reset the combination. Set the dial to 000 and rotate the shackle 90 degrees from its lock position.

With the correct key, you can open any number of locks and provide access to different areas. The shackle should be pushed down and away from the lock in order for you to set the required combination.

After entering the code, pull up on the shackle and rotate it back to the lock position.

Let’s talk about Vaultz Pencil Pouches,

1. What is a Vaultz pencil pouch and how does it work?

The Vaultz pencil pouch is a lockable storage device that has been designed to keep your valuables and personal items safe. It can be used as an effective way of keeping your stationery organized, which will help you save time on searching for pens and pencils when needed.

It features a traditional metal combination lock with four dial digits (0-99) to provide maximum security for its contents. It’s made from durable plastic material so it should last many years without being damaged or broken if treated properly. This means that even if it falls, the vault won’t open unless the correct numbers have been entered into it – this makes them especially great at protecting expensive pens and pencils against theft!

2. Why use a Vaultz pencil pouch?

Vaultz pencil pouches are great for storing items that need to be kept away from prying eyes or small children. They can protect your pens, pencils and other stationery against damage while they’re being stored in the drawer; but also keep them safe when you take them on-the-go with you!

As long as an item fits inside one of these products, it will automatically become more secure than simply keeping it out in the open within a bedroom or office space. It’s important not only to prevent theft of expensive equipment like pens and pencils; but also loss through accidental spills (which could ruin contents) or dangerous chemicals accidentally coming into contact with sharp objects like scissors, knives, etc. If someone does get a hold of a lock box, they won’t be able to access its contents unless the correct code is entered – this makes them safe from small children as well!

Vaultz pencil pouches are designed with your convenience in mind. They come equipped with a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation; while also featuring an interior elastic band which can keep items secure during transit if needed. This means you could take all of your stationery or valuables out and about without having to worry about losing anything because it’s been kept securely inside a vault until you’re ready for use!

4. The benefits of using Vaultz pencil pouch 

Vaultz pencil pouches are great at protecting your stationery against damage and theft. They can also be carried on the go without too much effort, which means that you can take all of your pens and pencils with you when commuting or traveling to work.

The main benefit is the peace of mind it brings knowing that nobody will be able to access its contents unless they know what the code is; making them more secure than if left lying around in an unlocked drawer!

As we mentioned above; Vaultz Pencil Pouches come equipped with a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation while featuring an interior elastic band that can keep items secure during transit. This means you could take all of your stationery or valuables out and about without having to worry about losing anything because it’s been kept securely inside a vault until you’re ready for use!


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